Ten Important Annual Home Maintenance Tips.

  1. Clean gutters in the spring and the fall, always check for clogged or broken downspouts.
  2. Clean A/C condensing unit every spring. (Power off and spray coils with garden hose)
  3. Remove any debris or growth from around the A/C unit.
  4. Check window caulking and door weatherstripping.
  5. Have fireplace chimneys cleaned and furnace flues checked for proper ventilation and no obstruction.
  6. Test garage door monthly for pressure safety reverse, also test the safety eyes for proper reverse.
  7.  Test all GFI outlets in the house for proper function.
  8. Replace furnace filter every month.
  9. Vacuum the back side and underneath the refrigerator at least twice a year.
  10. Vacuum and clean the clothes dryer vents at least twice a year.

These tips are a guide to creating a safe and happy home, by extending the  life of some of the most important systems in your house.